What's good about OSSD?

Advantage 1: No Public Examinations

With the OSSD curriculum, students can directly apply to universities based on their average grades in six subjects in Grade 12 (Form 6) of Canadian high school

Advantage 2: Credit Transfer

The OSSD curriculum allows for the transfer of in-school grades from global secondary schools (Grade 9 to Grade 11). This means that students who have completed studies in other countries can have their academic achievements recognized and converted into Canadian credits. This feature facilitates the smooth integration of students into the OSSD program, ensuring that their previous educational efforts are acknowledged and accounted for in the Canadian education system

Advantage 3: Cost Savings

The OSSD curriculum is offered in a blended learning format, combining both online and in-person instruction. This approach offers several advantages, including cost savings on living expenses for studying abroad. Students can have the flexibility to learn from home or choose the duration of their stay in Canada, allowing for more control over their education and minimizing expenses associated with full-time relocation. Additionally, parents can stay informed about their children's learning progress through regular communication with teachers and access to online platforms, enabling them to actively participate in their children's education regardless of their geographical location

Advantage 4: One-stop Service

The OSSD curriculum provides comprehensive support throughout the entire process, from enrollment in Hong Kong to remote learning, applying for a study permit when going to Canada, and even assistance with university course selection. Students receive guidance and support in each step of their educational journey. The OSSD program ensures that students have access to the necessary resources, information, and assistance to make informed decisions and navigate the various stages of their education smoothly. Whether it's helping with administrative tasks, providing guidance on academic planning, or offering support during the university application process, the OSSD curriculum strives to provide students with comprehensive support to ensure their success and a hassle-free experience

What's the characteristic of OSSD?

Learning Features

1. Personalized Course Selection: Students can customize their course selection based on their interests and goals, promoting engagement and motivation in their learning.
2. Flexible Enrolment: The OSSD curriculum offers multiple enrolment intakes (September, November, February, April, and July), allowing students to join at different times to suit their individual circumstances.
3. Balanced Assessment: Student performance is assessed through a combination of school exams (30%) and in-school assignments (70%), providing a comprehensive evaluation of their knowledge, skills, and application abilities.

Real-time Online Interactive Instruction

1. Real-time Online Instruction: Live teaching through online platforms enables interactive learning experiences
2. Qualified Teachers: All teachers hold Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) certification
3. Comprehensive Support: Each student receives academic and emotional support from teachers and counselors throughout the semester

Small Class Teaching

1. Small Class Instruction (Ensuring Student Learning Progress)
2. Individualized Attention to Cater to Students' Strengths and Weaknesses
3. Canadian OCT Teachers Conduct Classes in English

Exclusive Canadian Internship Program

1. Annual Internship Programs during Easter or Summer Break
2. Several weeks of experiencing Canadian work and living culture
3. Comprehensive development beyond academics
4. Credits counted towards graduation, without affecting graduation timeline

Flexible Time and Location

1. Flexible class time and location: The program allows students to adjust their class schedule and location according to their needs
2. Experiencing the local learning environment: Students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Canadian learning environment
3. Developing autonomy and preparation for university: The program trains students to be independent learners and prepares them for the self-discipline required in university

What is the counseling service?

One-on-One Counseling Services

Helping Students in understanding their Interests and Target University Programs

Research Services

Gathering information on university rankings and admission requirements worldwide to ensure students understand and meet all admission criteria

Assist University Application

Providing one-on-one guidance to students in completing application forms, ensuring that all information and additional documents are complete and accurate

Providing Academic Recommendation Letters

The school principal writes academic recommendation letters for each student to increase their chances of admission

Education Support

Meeting with the school principal or education consultant at least once a month to regularly assess students' academic concerns and needs regarding their educational advancement

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